calvinklein1My time in LA is almost over for now and I am a little sad to leave this place so soon. I had such a great time, not just because of Coachella but because the weather here is just absolutely amazing. Hot with a little breeze all day everyday is my thing. Of course I spent time working on my tan by the ocean and the pool wearing my CALVIN KLEIN bikini. Absolutely love this piece, because of the kind of vintage 90´s look that it has to it. Also: White on tanned skin is everything! I could as well imagine to wear the top as a normal halter top with some denim shorts or low cut pants.


images shot on 35mm film
in cooperation with calvin klein

Reserved Fashion x Coachella

Two weeks ago I arrived in La La Land, exactly a year after my last trip to one of my favorite places in the world. This time the main reason why we are all here is very exciting: Coachella is calling! It´s my first time and I am really looking forward to it, because the line up is absolutely amazing. Some of my all time favorite artists like BANKS, THE XX and BON IVER are playing this year and I can’t wait for this weekend to start! I have been to a quite a lot of festivals in Germany over the last years, but I feel like they are nothing compared to Coachella.

A couple days ago we already drove to Palm Springs to shoot our festival picks from Reserved. EXIT 111 on the freeway and we were surrounded by the absolute beauty of nature. Even though it was very windy I enjoyed every second of it. I could have sat there for hours, watch and listen to music on my headphones.

I love how my analog pictures and the ones Christoph took of all of us turned out. So in love with the whole vibe and of course the clothes. Reserved has some amazing print shirts on their site right now, which I have been so into lately. The “Collect Moments” shirt is my absolute fave because that is what this whole trip and Coachella is about for me personally. I wanna enjoy every second of it, breathe it all in and put it in like an invisible Marmelade jar to always look back to. Find more outfit details below !




#ckminute – coffee time

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One of my favorite things: Cafe time. When I was 13 I started to go to cafes almost every single day. Me and my friends spent hours and hours in some of the cutest places in Berlin after school. And today it’s still like that. I just love sitting there, inside or outside doesn’t matter, drink loads of coffee or tea, listen to good music, watch people passing by and work. I especially love working in a cafe, because I don’t get distracted that easily and the whole atmosphere is really calming. It happened before that I totally lost track of time, the sun wandered from east to west and I spent a fortune on espresso and delicious cake. Sometimes I also bring a book, get comfortable with some pillows in a corner or I even bring my sketchbook/iPad and draw. I feel like I get really inspired and have the best creative ideas, when I am in one of my favorite cafes. Maybe because you’re surrounded by a lot of people with different vibes and mind sets. Some of my favorite cafes are: “An einem Sonntag im August”, “LUX” and “Weinerei”. I was wearing my Calvin Klein light silver watch a couple weeks back when I sat outside of the “Oberholz”, because I knew I couldn’t get lost in time, sadly. Do you share the same love for cafes?


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