Month: October 2014


Allgemein 19/10/2014
I missed the beach so much! I know its not comparable to thai or indo beaches, but I spent almost the whole year near the ocean, so it doesn’t matter for me. Soft sand and the sound of breaking waves are just my thing. Luckily the weather today was amazing and we almost got on fire with those black skinny jeans on. Tomorrow are going to leave to another place and I am praying that the weather is going to be the same as today. I hope you’re all doing well, talk to you soon xx


Allgemein 03/10/2014

Thanks so much to MVB and VITAMIN D JEWELLERY for adding this amazing piece of jewellery to my collection. I absolutely love small, dainty rings, especially wearing them above the knuckle. They just add a little extra glam, flatter your finger shape and the tiny sapphire is a cute eye catcher. Definitely check out the shop and maybe get yourself a handmade piece for christmas!