couple weeks ago we took this VW to a festival near berlin. I have been dreaming about calling one my own for a long time now. even though this wasn’t mine, the feeling of freedom it gives you, is unbelievable. we decorated it with some beautiful mandala throws, loads of pillows and blankets, fairy lights and of course cacti ( because we all love them ) and a dreamcatcher. it was so beautiful to sleep in and watch the sunrise out of the back. I hope that one day I can travel all around the world or at least Europe with a little cutie pie like this. do surf trips and drive up incredible mountains, maybe get stuck but that’s how it is.

call it a home. live in it. forget the time.

but especially at a festival you should keep a little track of the time, so you don’t miss your favorite acts on stage. I was wearing my delicate Calvin Klein Snake Watch & Ring and was on point to see one of my favorite bands. I lost my voice for the following three days, but I guess that’s what you can call a true fan, knowing all the lyrics to every single song. I had an absolutely amazing time and I am really looking forward do have an adventure like this again. My #ckminute