music #1 -my 3 favorite vinyls

img_1664I am not a huge musician, but I love listening to music a lot. For me it feels weird not to have a tune playing while I am doing something. A couple years back I always posted music recommendations on this blog, some of you might remember if you’ve been around for a while. Music for me is one of the most intense feelings and I really connect to tracks. Sometimes  I wish my whole life would have a soundtrack always playing in the background, in all life situations, but only I could hear it. This is not always going to be about vinyls, because my collection isn’t big enough yet, but I thought I would kick this “new” category off with three of my all time favorite records. Also because I got a new analog camera and was in the mood to take some pictures, haha. xxvinyl3vinyl1vinyl2

18 thoughts on “music #1 -my 3 favorite vinyls

  1. I’m in love with you and your pictures! They are so amazing, and you are sooo beautiful

    + could you tell me please which effect/filter do you use to edit your pics?

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  2. I love your pics! You have such a unique – and beautiful – style.
    I see you do a lot of photography yourself, but I was wondering who takes the pics of you? Would love to follow more of her/his work :)

    cheers from Brazil,


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