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One of my favorite things: Cafe time. When I was 13 I started to go to cafes almost every single day. Me and my friends spent hours and hours in some of the cutest places in Berlin after school. And today it’s still like that. I just love sitting there, inside or outside doesn’t matter, drink loads of coffee or tea, listen to good music, watch people passing by and work. I especially love working in a cafe, because I don’t get distracted that easily and the whole atmosphere is really calming. It happened before that I totally lost track of time, the sun wandered from east to west and I spent a fortune on espresso and delicious cake. Sometimes I also bring a book, get comfortable with some pillows in a corner or I even bring my sketchbook/iPad and draw. I feel like I get really inspired and have the best creative ideas, when I am in one of my favorite cafes. Maybe because you’re surrounded by a lot of people with different vibes and mind sets. Some of my favorite cafes are: “An einem Sonntag im August”, “LUX” and “Weinerei”. I was wearing my Calvin Klein light silver watch a couple weeks back when I sat outside of the “Oberholz”, because I knew I couldn’t get lost in time, sadly. Do you share the same love for cafes?


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5 thoughts on “#ckminute – coffee time

  1. Yes definitely. I am 16 and it’s been more than 3 years since I’ve started spending hours in my favorite “tea house”. It’s like a second home to me❤️


  2. Mel!
    Ich liebe deinen Style…und deine Austrahlung steckt an! Super sympathisches Mädchen:)
    Wunderschönes Outfit. Ich bin ganz verliebt in die minimalistische Brille.
    Die Jacke ist ebenso der Hammer…habe auch so eine ähnliche, nur bei dem Wetter kann man sie leider nicht mehr anziehen.

    Mach auf jeden Fall weiter so und ganz liebe Grüße an dich,



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