1980’s Desigual x Vanellimelli

Desigual Barcelona - 01140010-edit

Desigual Barcelona - 01160002-editDesigual Barcelona - 01180002-b000031

images shot by BERTA PFIRSICH on analog film

Two weeks ago I spent a day in Barcelona to work on another project with Desigual. They invited me to their headquarter to shoot with some of their original 1980´s pieces.

In 1984 Thomas Meyer created the first ever Desigual pieces by mixing scraps of vintage denim together into new pieces. By that time a complete revolution and new style. He owned a little second hand store on the beautiful island Ibiza back then and with theses beautiful denim jackets the brand was born. Right now Desigual as a brand is back on their way to the roots, which I find absolutely amazing, because how cool are these vintage pieces? We combined them with items from their current Spring/Summer Collection ( white skirt | denim shorts ) and some of my own favorites to create a perfect look. I felt really honored to shoot with clothes that have so much history to them and I wish I could have kept the Mickey Mouse jacket :D


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