Levis x Melt Festival

20 years Melt! Festival – my third year in a row and it was a blast, again. I spent the weekend with amazing people and Levis. They supported the Festival with their Levis Tailor Shop, where you could make your own t shirts. And as a part of their Levis® Music Project they also had a Karaoke booth, where you could record yourself and friends singing your favorite song. You know I love customizing clothes and music, so you can probably imagine how much fun I had :) I designed my t-shirt with two different speech bubbles saying ” freedom ” in the front and ” peace ” in the back and also jammed a little bit of Wonderwall by Oasis ( the classic song everyone can play on the guitar haha ) in the music truck.

I was wearing my new favorite denim style by Levis: the 90´s Baggy fit, a basic ripped shirt and a black trucker jacket.

Nike Cortez

I am not the sneaker obsessed girl, but I love my classics and the Nike Cortez in the is one of them. First established in the year 1972, the Cortez is one of Nikes most Iconic Styles in the History and one of my favorites as well. Celebrating the 45th anniversary, you’ve probably seen the amazing Campaign with Bella Hadid all over the internet and yes, I think this is going to be our new favorite white companion.

I absolutely love the shape and if you get this shoe in the basic color way white/red/blue it almost fits with everything you want to wear. I styled the Cortez in a casual street style way with some striped linen pants and a white Nike sports bra, which is super comfortable and also practical. He also makes an amazing match with light denim, but also as an item to dress down a more fancier look, like a little black dress or skirt.


Review Basics

destroyed shirt | denim

print shirt

band shirt | dress

Images shot by MARCO KLAHOLD

You guys know I am the type of girl who likes to dress simple, but with a little touch. Some of the staple pieces in my wardrobe are “special” t-shirts. What does that mean? I absolutely love basics with prints, statement slogans or holes, because you can combine them with everything in your wardrobe and it looks like you put just a little bit more effort into your outfit, then by only wearing a plain white or black shirt. REVIEW has some amazing options for tops like that at the moment. You always ask me where to get band shirts, so here you go.. They have a selection from some of my all time favorite bands online right now :) #ootdreview #neverestablished

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