For me Style has always been a tool to express myself as a human being. My style was never over to the top crazy, but let´s say compared to my friends I mostly looked a little different..

I started my Blog when I was 13 and that was around the time that I got more into fashion. What do I want to wear? What looks cool? What is myself? What do I feel comfortable in? And I started to get weird looks from people at school. Why? Because most people categorize other people, which in my opinion isn’t a good thing.

You have probably been following me for some time, so you are familiar with my style by now, maybe even like it. If I would show these pictures to other people I can image getting comments like: “Those sunglasses.. Are you Keanu Reves from Matirx?” or ” You wear underwear out on the streets?” or ” Are you goth now, because that is what your shoes look like.” Even in an open minded city like Berlin I still get weird looks. Why are people so judgmental and always have to categorize everything ?

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I am wearing: camisole | denim skirt | head scarf | teddy jacketstriped shirt

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In Cooperation with Esprit and their #ImEsprit Campaign, which they started last year, I wanna rise some awareness to think different. Think big. Think about yourself. Be open minded and accept other people as they are.

Visual Identity is one of the first places to start. I remember not being strong enough in school regarding weird comments I got from other students or even teachers. I probably wasn’t until last year and sometimes the world still makes me feel uncomfortable.

Times change and so do peoples mind sets. If we look back a hundred years, of corse we have come very far. But I just wish acceptance would come faster and of corse not only in fashion. We should all get rid of the image which society and the media  is still teaching us to be the right thing. x

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 all images shot by ELENA BOTHOR on 35mm film

music #1 -my 3 favorite vinyls

img_1664I am not a huge musician, but I love listening to music a lot. For me it feels weird not to have a tune playing while I am doing something. A couple years back I always posted music recommendations on this blog, some of you might remember if you’ve been around for a while. Music for me is one of the most intense feelings and I really connect to tracks. Sometimes  I wish my whole life would have a soundtrack always playing in the background, in all life situations, but only I could hear it. This is not always going to be about vinyls, because my collection isn’t big enough yet, but I thought I would kick this “new” category off with three of my all time favorite records. Also because I got a new analog camera and was in the mood to take some pictures, haha. xxvinyl3vinyl1vinyl2