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Allgemein 14/07/2017

destroyed shirt | denim

print shirt

band shirt | dress

Images shot by MARCO KLAHOLD

You guys know I am the type of girl who likes to dress simple, but with a little touch. Some of the staple pieces in my wardrobe are “special” t-shirts. What does that mean? I absolutely love basics with prints, statement slogans or holes, because you can combine them with everything in your wardrobe and it looks like you put just a little bit more effort into your outfit, then by only wearing a plain white or black shirt. REVIEW has some amazing options for tops like that at the moment. You always ask me where to get band shirts, so here you go.. They have a selection from some of my all time favorite bands online right now :) #ootdreview #neverestablished

in cooperation with REVIEW


Allgemein, OOTD 30/05/2017

Some of us have a thing for shoes, others are obsessed with bags, I can be categorized in the jacket junkie group, haha. I don’t know exactly when it started, but my jacket collection is growing really really fast. Especially embroided pieces like this one from DESIGUAL catch my eye every single time. This one reminds me of  an old Japanese souvenir jackets, which are super hard to get. Also if you’ve been following me for a while, you know I like to stitch from time to time, another reason why I like this jacket a lot. I completed the look with some vintage jeans, my favorite boots, a plain white tank top and a beret which I have been absolutely in love with lately. What’s your favorite style to shop ? Let me know x