Some of us have a thing for shoes, others are obsessed with bags, I can be categorized in the jacket junkie group, haha. I don’t know exactly when it started, but my jacket collection is growing really really fast. Especially embroided pieces like this one from DESIGUAL catch my eye every single time. This one reminds me of  an old Japanese souvenir jackets, which are super hard to get. Also if you’ve been following me for a while, you know I like to stitch from time to time, another reason why I like this jacket a lot. I completed the look with some vintage jeans, my favorite boots, a plain white tank top and a beret which I have been absolutely in love with lately. What’s your favorite style to shop ? Let me know x

1980’s Desigual x Vanellimelli

Desigual Barcelona - 01140010-edit

Desigual Barcelona - 01160002-editDesigual Barcelona - 01180002-b000031

images shot by BERTA PFIRSICH on analog film

Two weeks ago I spent a day in Barcelona to work on another project with Desigual. They invited me to their headquarter to shoot with some of their original 1980´s pieces.

In 1984 Thomas Meyer created the first ever Desigual pieces by mixing scraps of vintage denim together into new pieces. By that time a complete revolution and new style. He owned a little second hand store on the beautiful island Ibiza back then and with theses beautiful denim jackets the brand was born. Right now Desigual as a brand is back on their way to the roots, which I find absolutely amazing, because how cool are these vintage pieces? We combined them with items from their current Spring/Summer Collection ( white skirt | denim shorts ) and some of my own favorites to create a perfect look. I felt really honored to shoot with clothes that have so much history to them and I wish I could have kept the Mickey Mouse jacket :D